Nightwatch - Kenny Loggins


Kenny Loggins

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1983-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9



Play Title Time Download
Nightwatch 7:49  
Easy Driver 3:33  
Down 'N Dirty 4:42  
Down In the Boondocks 4:19  
Whenever I Call You "Friend" 3:57  
Wait a Little While 3:55  
What a Fool Believes 3:37  
Somebody Knows 3:34  
Angelique 5:53  


  • Love it!

    By dannceline
    Love the title track! I heard this alblum when I was a kid (about 10/11) and Nightwatch and Angelique was forever burned into my brain. I had been searching for it for years and thrilled that iTunes finally added it. Although some of the songs don't seem to go together they are all great on their own. Easy enough to get around that problem with a playlist.
  • Amongst his best

    By thinkman
    This almost feels like a greatest hits album - so much great material here! Interesting that this was made in 1983 and every song sounds as fresh as 2009. This was back when or before his son Crosby was born - and now Crosby is picking up the mantle. Sounds a lot like his dad, and he doesn't make an effort to hide the similarities. 5 stars for him as well!
  • What a fool believes

    By srvdrew
    HELLO!! Have not you noticed he co-wrote "What a Fool Believes" with Michael McDonald, and released it on this album before the Doobie Brothers made it the national anthem of 1979...
  • I love this CD.. even the first track!

    By cdograzz3
    I LOVE the title track! Although, I would admit it's different than the other songs on this cd... but it's a great intro in to this CD... a prologue. There is a lot of musical variety on this CD.. but that's what Kenny Loggins does best.. he can play rock, mellow, country even a little cajun. You will recongize a lot of these songs since they were covered by other artists.. and who could blame them.... all the tunes on this CD are really good and this CD is one of Kenny's best. However, not as strong as "Keep the Fire"... but a very solid offering from a wonderful preformer and great musical artist.
  • The lost Kenny Loggins masterwork

    By DavidMattingly
    I can't disagree more with the main album review--I love the opening track! It is kind of a zen mixing of Kenny and Pink Floyd, and who wouldn't like that!! This album is admittedly a little weird, but really tuneful! I agree that Kenny was looking to be taken a little more seriously with some of these tracks, before he went all "New Age", but I regret he didn't do more tracks like this. Buy it and give it a try!

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