Leap of Faith - Kenny Loggins

Leap of Faith

Kenny Loggins

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1991-09-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.


Play Title Time Download
Will of the Wind 2:00  
Leap of Faith 7:22  
The Real Thing 5:39  
Conviction of the Heart 6:51  
If You Believe 6:30  
I Would Do Anything 6:34  
Sweet Reunion 5:46  
Now or Never 5:44  
My Father's House 5:26  
Cody's Song 4:39  
Will of the Wind (Reprise) 1:14  
Too Early for the Sun 8:06  


  • What Happened to this CD?

    By miketudorcity
    I bought the physical CD of this recording when it first came out. It was engineered properly, with the vocal front and center and the band supporting him. Now it’s been engineered to be some sort of soundscape with Kenny’s vocal drifting in space somewhere. I’m shocked and disappointed, and wonder how many other albums have been screwed around with by remastering and whatnot. The Loggins arrangements are quite impressive, but they are not to overwhelm the listener nor dwarf Kenny’s vocals. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about, or am I destined to rail against this stuff by myself??
  • Wonderful

    By Louwege
    This is a true work of fine sound art. Thank you KL.
  • Leap of Faith

    By Reetyred
    Kenny's best and my all time favorite album ever!
  • What a Leap

    By Valerie Knox
    I just recently bought this cd. So sorry I didn't buy it when it was first relased in 1991. This cd touches my soul. I know it sounds corny but it truly got to me. This cd is oh so underrated. Unfortunately, people only see Kenny Loggins as the Footloose or Danger Zone man. He is so much more. I appreciate him more now than I would have 20 years ago. Every song on this cd was sung with such heart and soul. I applaud him. I hope there is more to come from Mr Loggins. As an older person, we need more music that makes sense to us and still keep up with the times. Kenny Loggins "ROCK ON"!!!!!!
  • Leap of Faith ~ what

    By veganbeachmama
    This is one of Kenny's best works ever. I played this album repeatedly to sum up the courage to leave a marriage that had disintegrated into indifference. After 26 years I left pain and emptiness behind and have never looked back. I didn't want my son to grow up with a miserable example of relationship. These songs got me through a tumultuous time. 'My Father's House' resonated with me and helped me let go, 'Cody's Dong' helped me to realize I wasn't letting go of my son but setting him free from anger and pain, 'Now or Never' moved me forward . . it saved my life, 'Conviction of the Heart' is my mantra for life. ''Too Early for the Sun' reawakened my desire for love and connection. I am remarried to a beautiful man who I cherish. My son now has an example of true love and respect. We are truly blessed. Thank you Kenny . . .
  • leap of faith...kenny loggins

    By Fran-anna-banana
    Wow! Awesome album, through & through! There's so much love on so many levels, that words don't express how much emotion is there! Here's what he's really about, true heartfelt, music expressions, are all at work here, and for anyone to think that this album is not the real kenny, is a total joke! All the played on the radio stuff, is fine and dandy...but, this album puts his style, and writing up on the top (for me, anyway)! I've/and still do, listen to this album many times over....the chords, the way it's written, and most definitely, the sincerity of expression, with all on this total album...#1!! Thank you, for sharing with us... (-:
  • Superior album from Kenny Loggins

    By kennyone2008
    This album is by far one of the heights in the career of Kenny Loggins' recorded output. The change between "Back To Avalon" which had him well seated in pure pop roots was completely upturned and began growing a new garden. Simply a beautiful album, there's not a bad tune in the bunch. Nothing worth skipping through. From the chimes of "Will Of The Wind" to the energy of "Leap Of Faith" (possibly one of the best written songs ever!) and the smooth with-the-windows-down breeze of "Sweet Reunion", down to the last strain of the peaceful and powerful "Too Early For The Sun" - the growth that Mr. Loggins expresses and shares in this collection is pure artistry and I feel one of the best albums of his entire career. Even the slightest of fans would enjoy this music. And if you DO like it, you MUST get The Unimaginable Life as your next purchase - it's one of the best continuations of a feeling that I've ever experienced. Both albums became soundtracks of my life, I might add, and helped me through some very tough times. You will not be sorry you bought this album!
  • Heart felt work!

    By bobbymac27
    This is one of his best albums. The song The Real Thing helped me get through a tough divorce, the words are moving! You will not be disappointed with this body of work.
  • Dazzling

    By podpeeps
    One of the most beautiful pop albums ever recorded. Kenny Loggins' voice is simply angelic. There's not a bad cut, but Leap of Faith, Conviction of the Heart and especially the ecstatic To Early for the Sun are standouts on what is surely the crowning achievement of Loggins' career. This is not a one-listen album. Thank you Kenny for sharing this much of yourself with all of us.
  • The Best of Loggins

    By blackwidow8000
    This album is unlike any other album by him. Some of the songs sound acoustic and almost new age in tone. The lyrics are engaging and introspective. I find myself playing this CD all the time. It is highly recommended for fans and even non-fans.

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